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Camila’s new single “Mientes” now available on itunes!

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Click on the image to go to Camila’s itunes store!


New Camila Single Released!

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Starting in 2006, everything changed for Mexican rock pop group Camila.

Three years have gone by since the members of Camilia came together as a group in the music industry, and the results could have not been better. A first album came out that was a joy for everyone, achieving great success on radio, and being embraced by audiences not only in Mexico but in Latin America and in Spain as well.

Close to a million copies of that album, “TODO CAMBIÓ”, were sold internationally, and several awards and nominations proved that the results were highly rewarding and that a dream had come true.

Today, November 16, one of the most important groups in Latin America’s music scene will be back with a second album.

The song MIENTES, written by Mario Domm and by Mónica Vélez, has been chosen as the album’s first single by this group made up by Mario Domm, Samo and Pablo.

With this song, Camila leaves no doubt that they are back with their very unique style and an even richer sound. Strong lyrics and an intense melody showcase Camila’s talent and style, with which they plan on conquering audiences’ hearts once more.

Camila is currently finishing the new album, scheduled for release on February 9, 2010.


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El nuevo sencillo de CAMILA
Estreno 16 de Noviembre !!!

Tú, llegaste a mi vida para enseñarme
Tú, supiste encenderme y luego apagarme
Tú, te hiciste indispensable para mí

Y, con los ojos cerrados te seguí
Si yo busqué dolor lo conseguí
No eres la persona que pensé
Que creí
Que pedí

Me haces daño y luego te arrepientes
Ya no tiene caso que lo intentes
No me quedan ganas de sentir…