Serrat & Sabina Release Their New Album ‘La Orquestra Del Titanic’ in the US

Joan Manuel Serrat & Joaquín Sabina


Miami, FL (May 15, 2012) – Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina are the reigning legends of Spain’s venerable singer-songwriter tradition.
Both of them have built a sterling discography of memorable and transcendent songs over the decades, becoming the conscience of the people and racking up countless awards.
Now, for the second time in their careers, Serrat & Sabina join forces to release a fascinating album titled La Orquesta del Titanic, which goes on sale Tuesday, May 15.
La Orquesta del Titanic comprises 11 brand-new songs written in collaboration between Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina. An exquisite masterwork by two luminaries.
For example, the title track was originally conceived of by Sabina, who was inspired by the accounts of the orchestra bravely playing on the doomed oceanliner. Then, Serrat went to work on the song, adding to its melody.
Both writers worked together on lyrics and music, in “a constant back-and-forth.” In contrast with their previous joint album, Dos Pájaros de un Tiro (2007), their new project La Orquesta del Titanic contains all new songs.
Recorded in Madrid and Boston, Serrat & Sabina turned over a new leaf by working with a different team of musicians than their usual collaborators, while retainingtheir longtime right-hand men Antonio García de Diego (multi-instrumentalist) and Javier Limón (producer).

The tracklist for La Orquesta del Titanic is as follows:

1. La Orquesta Del Titanic (The Orchestra Of The Titanic) 2. Después De Los Despueses (After The Afters)
3. Idiotas, Palizas Y Calientabraguetas (Idiots, Beatings And Teases) 4. Canción De Navidad (Christmas Song)
5. Quince O Veinte Copas (15 Or 20 Drinks)
6. Acuérdate De Mí (Remember Me)
7. Hoy Por Ti, Mañana Por Mí (Today For You, Tomorrow For Me) 8. Dolent De Mena (Naturally Bad)
9. Martínez
10. Cuenta Conmigo (Count On Me)
11. Maldito Blues (Damned Blues)

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