CALLE 13 Receive A GRAMMY Nomination ForBest Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album

CALLE 13 Receive A GRAMMY Nomination For

Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album

After Recently Sweeping The LATIN GRAMMY Awards – Winning EVERY Category In Which They Were Nominated And Setting New Records For Both The Most LATIN GRAMMY Awards In One Year And Most Career LATIN GRAMMYS, The Outspoken Puerto Rican Brothers of Residente and Visitante Continue To Receive Accolades From Their Musical Peers, As Their Landmark Album “Entren Los Que Quieran” (Everybody is Welcome) Receives A Nomination For The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards

To Date In Their Career, Calle 13 Already Hold TWO GRAMMY Awards And A Record NINETEEN LATIN GRAMMY Awards

"Se lo dedicamos a todas las personas que hacen cualquier tipo de arte, sin miedo a sentir, sin miedo a expresar, sin miedo a regalar y con muchas ganas de aprender. No nos hace falta ningún tipo de reconocimiento de parte de un gobierno que no es reconocido ni respetado por nadie a nivel internacional.”-RENE PEREZ (Residente Calle 13)

“The most iconoclastic character in hip-hop — if not all of pop — might well be René Pérez, the rapper called Residente in the Puerto Rican duo Calle 13… ‘Entren Los Que Quieran’ overflows with messages about rich and poor, struggle and rebellion… The music, as on each of Calle 13’s previous albums, keeps expanding.”


[Calle 13 has] consistently given voice to an underlying ethic of resistance, one that’s never been quite as vociferous as it is on their fourth album, ‘Entren Los Que Quieran.’… [with] defiance, exuberance – and revolutionary fervor … [Calle 13’s] music is as globally conscious as the band’s message.”


"absolutely spectacular.. Entren los Que Quieran excitingly mixes cumbia, merengue, funk, reggae, rock, and hip-hop… Residente‘s absolutely overpowering raps are what make Calle 13 so special… He is in fine form on Entren los Que Quieran … another strong addition to a proud discography… Make no mistake, Calle 13 are still miles above their peers and countless imitators” – ALL MUSIC

CALLE 13 Also Recently Joined Radiohead, The Killers, Muse, And Angelina Jolie As Advocates For The MTV EXIT Campaign In Partnership With UNICEF -Launching A Multimedia Campaign To Create Awareness & Prevention Of Child Exploitation In Latin America. Just This Week, Calle 13 Unveiled Their New "Preparame la Cena" Video For The Campaign – Shining A Light On Young People Robbed Of Their Childhood. Watch It Here:

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