Noel Schajris – “Grandes Canciones” Sony Music Delivery


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Artist: Noel Schajris
Title: Grandes Canciones
Label: USLatin
Total Tracks: 12
Contact: Carlos Casado
Delivery contains watermarked media.
DO NOT COPY – The audio media in this E-Card contains a watermark with a unique identifier that allows us to trace the content recipient (You) as the source of any unauthorized distribution.
If you should encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding this download, please feel free to contact and we will be happy to assist you further. Please find attached a hypertext link to a digitally encoded file of the above-referenced music, which you may reproduce for the sole purpose of publically performing such music on your radio station. Any other use, including, without limitation, the reproduction, distribution, modification, display or transmission of the music or file without the prior written consent of Sony Music US Latin is strictly prohibited. It is our understanding that you will delete the digital file in its entirety from your computer hard drive or such other storage medium employed by you within thirty days of the date stamp of this electronic mail. Digital song distribution is not intended to replace current physical music deliveries you may receive now. It¿s simply another option available to you for convenient access to our music. If you are currently on our radio promotion mailing list, you will also be mailed a physical copy of this material.
Support: phone: 877-450-6534 | email:

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