Camila Returns with “Dejarte De Amar”!




Dejarte de amar is the second album by Camila (Mario Domm, Samo, Pablo Hurtado), an impressive trio of fast-rising stars that have completed another beautiful, powerful, and thoughtful work whose success is guaranteed.

With 11 songs written during the tour of the album Todo cambió, the group addresses love from different perspectives in this album. To begin with, they decided not to have any guests: “The thing with guests is that it is valid when it comes from a place of honesty and complicity, but not when it’s done for marketing reasons,” says Mario Domm, whose idea was to anchor Camila’s sound as a group, friends that throughout this path have perfected their communication and camaraderie on stage.

Recorded mostly in Mexico (Mamita Estudio), by Mario Domm, Dejarte de amar had the support of the orchestra that works with Steven Angeles, Peter Mokran (Lady Ga Ga, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson) and Bernie Grundman (U2, Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dogg). Regarding the musicians that collaborate on the album, Mario says: “I believe in the creation of one’s own sound through the search of the right elements. Thus, we decided to work with the musicians that had accompanied us on our tour, and in that way, reaffirm Camila’s sound, which I believe is the most important thing, its identity. Throughout the tour, we set the base for many of these songs, working them during sound checks or in our spare time. It was natural then for us to continue this journey together, till the end.”

On what drives the album, it is clear that love’s illusion or disillusion, absence, or presence, fill the lyrics that pay tribute to solitude. “This album speaks of the solitude that one experiences when facing 20,000 people every night, but also, it speaks of a more spiritual kind, the one that can even cause optical illusions,” explains Mario. “Songs such as ‘Maya’, which means ‘Illusion’, are inspired by the abandonment of the material and the eternal search for the spiritual. ‘Dejarte de amar’, on the other hand, is the most aggressive track, the one that best exemplifies the album; that’s why the album and the song have the same name. It has to do with the struggle one faces when trying to forget someone, but paying tribute to a love that has no future.”

Composed mostly in hotels and in airports, Dejarte de amar is a selection culled from more than 30 songs. Nine are by Mario Domm (some of the lyrics had the collaborations of Mónica Vélez, Paulyna Carraz and Xuan Long), and two more by Camila’s other colleagues, Samo and Pablo. “Music is harmony and friendship, and those elements grew amidst ourselves during the tour. So we wanted to share that equilibrium of personalities with a more rock-like spirit,” says Mario.

Pablo, meanwhile, says this about his contribution as the author of the song “Me Voy”: “It’s song that I wrote while in music school. I presented it as part of a final project for my production class with lyrics in English. Later on, Mario and Samo heard it and they loved it, so I decided to do it in Spanish, which was quite a challenge. But in the end, it came out introspective and honest.”

And about his song, “¿De qué me sirve la vida?”, a painful composition written before boarding a plane in Miami, Samo says: “Something at that moment led me to write as if someone were dictating it to me. From the first line to the last one, I could not keep myself from crying. The melody and the lyrics are simple, and describe perfectly the moment I was living.”

“Mientes”, the first single

“Mientes” was written on January 10, 2009, when disillusionment was turned into a song. It is important for Camilia because it shows their growth after four years on stage, as well as the maturity of a composer-producer who learns to weave with subtlety fine provocations and claims. In other words: In terms of sound and lyrics, “Mientes” suggests pop that is more “dramatic, powerful, intense, autobiographical, painful, and real.” And although it does not stop talking about love, and neither does it turn its back on tenderness, it can now create a space for reflection with more powerful sounds, supported by an orchestra.

This single is the starting point of a project that sprang naturally, away from any superficiality. In the words of the group, it expresses a goal that had to be fulfilled: “As musicians we have a mission… When we see the maturity of the work we have done, we know for sure that we can make people feel something different… we are like missionaries that go from place to place amidst the chaos, sharing experiences,” says Mario.

Pablo adds this about the group’s new sound: “I think pop is always associated with music that is plastic, campy and temporary. In Camila, we look for songs that come from within, with quality, with good arrangements. And in order to do that, we add influences that go from soul to rock. That plus the fact that what we lived together during our tour was not always love and happiness. There is pain, and there is nostalgia in this album. We believe those to be universal feelings, even more intense than love itself. The songs in this album show that other side, a side B, that was barely seen in the first.”

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