Thalia’s Success Crosses Frontiers


Thalia’s essence, more palpable than ever before in her new live CD/DVD project, “Thalia en Primera Fila”, already radiates all over Mexico, Brazil, the United States and Latin America, where the album has quickly become a total success. For the second consecutive week, the album manages to lodge at the #1 spot with no signs of going anywhere. The way has been paved for “Thalia en Primera Fila,” which marks the great comeback of the Mexican diva to the music stage, by the release of the first hit single, “Equivocada,” which debuted in the top chart positions on Billboard and iTunes, and continues to be a radio triumph on all Spanish language markets. Congratulations to Thalia on such an impressive start!

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2 Responses to “Thalia’s Success Crosses Frontiers”

  1. Adrian Chiriac Says:

    Please tell me when the album Primera Fila will arrive in Romania, because the romanian people’s want this album. Thank you & congratulation for Thalia!

  2. I still wanna know that … when the album is comming to Europe?
    Will be any promotion here ?

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