Thalia’s new single released today!


On October 7th, internationally recognized Mexican artist Thalia returns with a much-anticipated new single from her upcoming project, Thalia en Primera Fila.

Equivocada is one of 13 tracks (including a four-song medley) that make up Thalia’s new musical production, titled Thalia en Primera Fila. Recorded live at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida, this past July, the album is scheduled to hit stores on December 1st.

In her new single, Thalia tells a story of heartbreak and of how a woman can choose to change and triumph over a love gone wrong.

“Equivocada is an indispensable song in this album,” says Thalia, “It is a song about change. About how women can change their lives”

The concept of Primera Fila is to showcase live performances of some of the biggest names in the Latin music industry, and to do so in front of a select, intimate audience. In Thalia’s performance, some 350 guests were able to enjoy the recording of her first live album (and her first one for Sony Music as well!). There is also a DVD of the concert.

The album features a mix of new songs (including duets with award-winning Mexican singer and composer Joan Sebastian and with Sony’s promising new star Pedro Capó), covers of some of Latin music’s best-loved songs (written by such artists as Juan Luis Guerra, Arjona, and Leonel (former member of Sin Bandera) among others and new versions of some of Thalia’s classic hits.

Thalia en Primera Fila is unlike any other album Thalia has recorded over her more than two decades in the industry. And the song Equivocada is just one example of the Thalia that, for the first time, audiences will be able to discover: raw, sensitive, vulnerable, just the singer, her voice and 12 musicians.

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3 Responses to “Thalia’s new single released today!”

  1. Vamos thalia, ha comernos el mundo musical, traes un excelente disco, es para llegar muy lejos solo trabajalo, y sony guienla muy bien xq tienen a las mas grandes exponentes de la musica latina, shakira y thalia asi que a darle, que son las mejores, x cierto ojala pronto se de un dueto entre ellas, saludos

  2. i think she is trying to be like shakira and julietavenegas now.. its silly but i respect the attempt

  3. I can see the change in Thalia. From a young vivid and jumpy girl to a grown up woman. Her voice sounds sexier than ever. Wow, suites her well. Nice done Thalia. I like the new Thalia! She was never my favorite singer. I thought she was too childish but this…… this is awesome. This is my kind of star/ music. I will surely buy this single. I hope she produces more music in this genre. She should. Great one Sony!! Keep up the good work.

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