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Kany García releases her new album today, “Boleto de Entrada”!

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Today is the day Kany García’s fans have been waiting for! Because today, Kany releases her much-awaited second album, a production of all brand new tracks titled Boleto de Entrada!

The acclaimed Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and musician first burst out onto the music scene in 2007 with the album Cualquier Día. After two years of success, Kany is now ready to move on to a fresh new chapter in her life: the music of Boleto de Entrada.

As with all the other songs in the album, produced by Kany and by Colombian music veteran Andrés Castro (Carlos Vives, Reyli), Kany wrote the first single herself. Feliz is a true celebration of her Latin roots, and highlights sounds that she has never explored before!

Kany returns with 12 songs that clearly show how she has expanded her musical repertoire. She collaborates, for example, with urban music star Tego Calderón in the humorous song El Feo (she also recorded a duet with him for his new and upcoming CD); pays homage to her native island, Puerto Rico, in the hauntingly beautiful Mi Dueña; and rocks the house with the fun and rhythmic Eres Tú.

In all, Boleto de Entrada is full of surprises. It is a ticket to an unexpected musical ride!

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Ednita Nazario filmed a new video for her upcoming new album, Soy!

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In just a few weeks, one of Latin music’s most versatile and impressive talents, Ednita Nazario, will be releasing a new album, Soy! And just this past Saturday, fans had the opportunity to see the making of video for the first single, Sin Querer!

Log on to and and discover images from Ednita’s new video!

On Saturday, September 19, the beloved Puerto Rican singer and songwriter shot scenes of the video for Sin Querer in world-famous South Beach. Under the direction of renowned video director Pablo Croce, the taping took place at the Pelican Hotel.

There, Ednita once more put all her singing talent and acting skills on display as the song, written by up-and-coming composer Samo, from the Mexican pop rock group Camila, came to life. In the clip, Ednita not only performs but she also becomes the narrator of three love stories! And while the taping took place, Ednita was able to chat with fans who logged on to her website!

In her new album, Soy, scheduled for release on October 27, Ednita is joined by some of the most prestigious composers in the industry, including, besides Samo, Rafael Esparza, Claudia Brant, Mark Portman and Tommy Torres.

Tommy Torres, a fellow Puerto Rican and close friend of Ednita’s, is also one of the outstanding producers of the album, along with Sebastián Krys and Graeme Pleeth.