“Simplemente al Verdad” Franco de Vita’s tour continues to thrill fans!


When singer and songwriter Franco De Vita released the album Simplemente la verdad in 2008, fans all over the world were in for a treat: another musical masterpiece from an artist that, even after two decades of career, just keeps getting better!

Early this year, the Venezuelan star began his Simplemente la verdad tour and, simply put, it has been a huge success. Over half-a-million people have seen De Vita’s latest show, in a wide-ranging tour that has so far resulted in 31 concerts. And 25 more are on the way!

Countries that have enthusiastically welcomed Franco and his performances include Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United States, México, Argentina, Ecuador, Perú, Guatemala and El Salvador.
His upcoming shows will take him to many of these countries again, to his native Venezuela, and to Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic.

Throughout the tour, Franco, well known in the industry for being a mentor to many artists, has invited some of the freshest musical talent today to perform with him, including Wisin & Yandel, Noel, Reyli, Kany García, NG2, Carlos Baute and Jorge Villamizar, among others.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON FRANCO DE VITA, VISIT HIS OFFICIAL PAGE http://www.francodevita.com and http://www.youtube.com/francodevita

One Response to ““Simplemente al Verdad” Franco de Vita’s tour continues to thrill fans!”

  1. concerts in ny-nj and colombia

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