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GILBERTO SANTAROSA 360º at American Airlines Arena

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Kany Garcia – “Feliz”

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A snippet of Kany Garcia’s new song!


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Marc Anthony was honored with a special award

Alexis & Fido, La Quinta Estación, Da’Zoo and Playa Limbo
stood out from a star-studded night on the Univisión awards show!

Kany García appeared as a presenter showing her new look.

For its sixth consecutive year, the Univisión TV network’s Premios Juventud awards show dazzled and razzled audiences with some of the hottest acts in the Latin music industry today. And no doubt, among the evening’s most memorable performances, were those by Sony artists.

The show had a special moment when Marc Anthony received an award in recognition of his talents as a singer, songwriter, actor and producer. The award for “Icon of the World” was handed to him by Olga Tanon.

Alexis & Fido, Da’Zoo and Playa Limbo captured the hearts of the audience congregated at the University of Miami’s Bank United Center in Coral Gables and had everyone dancing. The show, which aired live on Thursday, July 16, celebrated some of the hottest names in music, film, sports, fashion and pop culture.

– Puerto Rican Urban music stars Alexis & Fido (Raúl Alexis Ortiz and Joel Martínez) got things going with their latest hit Ojos que no ven, an irresistible dance and rap track from their fourth and newest album, Down to Earth.

– Spanish pop sensation La Quinta Estación (vocalist Natalia Jiménez and guitar player Ángel Reyero), and Latin music icon Marc Anthony electrified everyone with their rendition of the song Recuérdame, from La Quinta’s latest CD, Sin Frenos. An impeccably dressed (as usual), sexy and radiant Natalia, and an emotive Marc, in perfect tune with Natalia, showed their true mastery of the stage with every note and move.

– Da’Zoo, a Puerto Rican quartet of rising stars and eclectic sounds – Charly Rodríguez “Charly Zo”, Freddie Lugo “Yo-Fred”, Raúl Quezada “Raggi” and Elizabeth Fuentes “Eli-Joe” – wowed music fans hungry for something different with the song Chitu, which has acquired quite a following thanks to its animated videoclip.

– On the blue carpet, before the show started, Mexican quartet Playa Limbo had the fans dancing with the tune Un gancho al corazón, theme of the soap opera of the same name.

– And Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Kany García presented an award and showed off her fresh new look!

For more information on Alexis & Fido, La Quinta Estación, Da’Zoo and Kany Garcia, please visit the following websites:

La Quinta Estacion films video for their second single “Recuerdame” feat. Marc Anthony

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Pasadena California served as the perfect backdrop for the filming of La Quinta Estación’s second single, “Recuérdame”, off their latest hit album, “Sin Frenos”.

The song “Recuérdame” was composed by Natalia Jiménez as part of this production, released last March in Mexico, Spain, the U.S. and Latin America.

The duet with Marc Anthony was recorded in New York City at the end of January, and on June 18th, a date was set for filming the video which reflects the passion and interpretative intensity of both artists.

Directed by Simon Brand, “Recuérdame” takes the viewer live through the intense love of a couple in a tormented relationship, that fights to rise above all the factors that have endangered their relationship; also metaphorically represented by a devastating tornado running through the entire video.

The love story is intertwined with performances by Natalia, Ángel and Marc Anthony.

In order to create innovative, high quality slow motion effects, the video was shot using the latest technology and high definition cameras.

The filming took place in an abandoned house, where the windows were rattled and broken, leaves were blown and tree trunks pushed through the rooms, lamps were dropped and shattered, until there was nothing left by the wind but memories. The shooting began at 9 AM and continued that same afternoon with the performance portion by La Quinta Estación and Marc Anthony.

The artists enjoyed several fun moments during the filming while staying on top of all the results on the director’s screen.

Lighting effects creating high contrast visuals, combined with the intense force of the wind, enhance the impact of each note sung by Natalia, Ángel and Marc Anthony on this song, making “Recuérdame” a difficult song to forget.

Da’Zoo Shares the Love with the Children of Amigos For Kids

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The dynamic group Da’Zoo brings their joyful energy to Amigos For Kids, a charity organization whose main mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect. The group will spend some time with the program’s children and distribute stuffed animals of their mascot, whose image appears on the group’s album cover.

The visit, open to all media outlets, will take place on Friday, July 17th, between 10:30 and 11:30 AM at Jose Marti Park, located at 351 SW 4 Street in Miami.

If you are interested in donating to Amigos For Kids, visit their official website at

Vincente Fernandez Presents his New Album “Necesito de Ti”

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He’s been recording unforgettable music for over 40 years. There’s no doubt that Vicente Fernández – the beloved Charro (Cowboy) de Huentitán – is enjoying a career renaissance.

· He’s the No. 1-selling Latin music artist in the United States.

· His previous studio album, Para Siempre (Forever), was the top-selling Latin album of 2008 and remains the best-selling Regional Mexican album of 2009.

· His live album Primera Fila (Front Row) spent 7 big weeks at No. 1 on Billboard, and it’s the top-selling musical DVD of the year in the U.S., in any genre.

· In recent months The King of Ranchera Music has earned many awards, including the Latin Grammy (2008), Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro (2009) and Billboard Latin Music Awards (2009). In addition, Vicente Fernández is nominated in Univision’s Premios Juventud (Youth Awards), due to his appeal to all generations of Latinos. The awards will be presented at a gala ceremony on July 16 in Coral Gables, Fla.

Now, to the delight of his fans, and of everyone who loves ranchera music, Vicente Fernández releases his new album, Necesito de Ti (I Need You). It’s a keepsake, like everything this immortal artist records, comprising 13 brand-new songs.

The first single is also titled “Necesito de Ti” and it’s kicking off the album with force as it climbs the Latin airplay charts.

With more than 40 years of mastery on record, on stage, and on screen, Vicente Fernández is showing us that he’s like fine wine…his voice improves with age. It’s no wonder U.S. critics call this exclusive artist of Sony Music “Mexico’s Sinatra.”

Track listing:

1. Estado Civil (Marital Status)

2. Para Que Me Recuerdes (So You Remember Me)

3. A Puros Besos (Nothing But Kisses)

4. Tengo (I Have)

5. Mala (Bad Woman)

6. Camino Al Cielo (Path To Heaven)

7. Que Dios Te Pague (Let God Judge You)

8. Necesito De Ti (I Need You)

9. Me Tienes Mimado (You’ve Spoiled Me)

10. Tengo Una Amante (I Have Another Woman)

11. Esa Noche Te Olvidé (That Night I Forgot You)

12. Dueño Del Mundo (Owner Of The World)

13. Gracias (Thank You)

2009 Tour:


10 Denver Pepsi Center

11 Tucson Tucson Convention Center

12 El Paso Coliseum


3 San Antonio ATT Center

4 McAllen Dodge Arena

9 Dallas American Airlines Center

11 Houston Toyota Center

16 Atlanta Gwinnett Center

18 Chicago Allstate Arena


6 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

7 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

8 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

13 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

14 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

15 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

20 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

21 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

27 San Jose HP Pavilion

28 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay


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El nuevo video promete ser una mezcla total de adrenalina

La gira internacional de su nuevo disco Down to Earth comienza este viernes, 3 de Julio en Venezuela

“Los reyes del perreo”, Alexis y Fido, pasaron el pasado martes, 30 de junio en la Pista de Carreras de Carolina, Puerto Rico en la filmacion de su nuevo video: “Mi música ehh..” de su mas reciente producción: Down to Earth. La filmacion estuvo a cargo del destacado director de videos musicales, Carlos Martin de Bam Bam DGFilms, quien ha grabado videos para los grandes del género urbano en Puerto Rico. El video relata la historia de una chica de buena familia que recibe un mensaje de texto con el lugar en donde será la fiesta con Alexis y Fido en la noche. La chica es amante al reggaetón y a la adrenalina, por lo tanto aparece ella haciendo escándalo con su súper estéreo del carro, cautivando la atención de todos los personajes que van apareciendo en su camino hacia la fiesta. En una de las escenas la chica se encuentra en una de las luces con Alexis y Fido y los reta a ellos a una carrera hasta llegar al lugar en donde ellos se presentaran. Con este nuevo video Alexis y Fido regalaran a su público ritmos originales con la esencia de reggaetón que tanto les distingue y una mezcla de visuales muy energizantes que causaran sensación total.

Alexis y Fido se preparan para comenzar la gran anticipada gira de Down to Earth este viernes, 3 de julio, en Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Así como una serie de eventos que tienen en agenda. A su vez, se encuentran grabando su disco de mensajes positivos el cual pretende concientizar a su público de muchos problemas sociales que se están viendo a nivel mundial, el mismo se espera esté listo para noviembre de este año.