Kany Garcia releases “Feliz”


Kany García is thrilled to announce the release of ‘Feliz’,
first single from her new and upcoming album ‘Boleto de entrada’

The song, written by Kany herself, marks a stylistic departure
for the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter

‘Feliz’ will be sent to radio this Wednesday, July 22

What Kany García’s fans have been waiting for is finally here! New music from the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter!

On Wednesday, July 22, Kany’s first single, Feliz, from her upcoming album Boleto de entrada, will be sent out to all national radio in US and Puerto Rico.

‘Feliz’ is particularly important to Kany, since it points in the direction that Boleto de entrada follows: an evolution of sounds that incorporate like never before her Latin roots.

“Because this song is different from the rest of the album, it takes my music in a new direction,” says Kany. “There’s a Latin American influence in it. It’s a celebration, a party and, in some ways, it reflects the mood of the album.”

A mood of happiness and confidence that runs through all the songs that make up her second CD, co-produced by Kany along with Colombian industry veteran Andrés Castro.

Boleto de entrada is scheduled for release on September 22.

For more information on Kany García, visit her online at: http://www.KanyGarcia.com, http://www.myspace.com/kanygarcia and http://www.facebook.com/kanygarcia

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