La Quinta Estacion films video for their second single “Recuerdame” feat. Marc Anthony



Pasadena California served as the perfect backdrop for the filming of La Quinta Estación’s second single, “Recuérdame”, off their latest hit album, “Sin Frenos”.

The song “Recuérdame” was composed by Natalia Jiménez as part of this production, released last March in Mexico, Spain, the U.S. and Latin America.

The duet with Marc Anthony was recorded in New York City at the end of January, and on June 18th, a date was set for filming the video which reflects the passion and interpretative intensity of both artists.

Directed by Simon Brand, “Recuérdame” takes the viewer live through the intense love of a couple in a tormented relationship, that fights to rise above all the factors that have endangered their relationship; also metaphorically represented by a devastating tornado running through the entire video.

The love story is intertwined with performances by Natalia, Ángel and Marc Anthony.

In order to create innovative, high quality slow motion effects, the video was shot using the latest technology and high definition cameras.

The filming took place in an abandoned house, where the windows were rattled and broken, leaves were blown and tree trunks pushed through the rooms, lamps were dropped and shattered, until there was nothing left by the wind but memories. The shooting began at 9 AM and continued that same afternoon with the performance portion by La Quinta Estación and Marc Anthony.

The artists enjoyed several fun moments during the filming while staying on top of all the results on the director’s screen.

Lighting effects creating high contrast visuals, combined with the intense force of the wind, enhance the impact of each note sung by Natalia, Ángel and Marc Anthony on this song, making “Recuérdame” a difficult song to forget.

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