Vincente Fernandez Presents his New Album “Necesito de Ti”


He’s been recording unforgettable music for over 40 years. There’s no doubt that Vicente Fernández – the beloved Charro (Cowboy) de Huentitán – is enjoying a career renaissance.

· He’s the No. 1-selling Latin music artist in the United States.

· His previous studio album, Para Siempre (Forever), was the top-selling Latin album of 2008 and remains the best-selling Regional Mexican album of 2009.

· His live album Primera Fila (Front Row) spent 7 big weeks at No. 1 on Billboard, and it’s the top-selling musical DVD of the year in the U.S., in any genre.

· In recent months The King of Ranchera Music has earned many awards, including the Latin Grammy (2008), Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro (2009) and Billboard Latin Music Awards (2009). In addition, Vicente Fernández is nominated in Univision’s Premios Juventud (Youth Awards), due to his appeal to all generations of Latinos. The awards will be presented at a gala ceremony on July 16 in Coral Gables, Fla.

Now, to the delight of his fans, and of everyone who loves ranchera music, Vicente Fernández releases his new album, Necesito de Ti (I Need You). It’s a keepsake, like everything this immortal artist records, comprising 13 brand-new songs.

The first single is also titled “Necesito de Ti” and it’s kicking off the album with force as it climbs the Latin airplay charts.

With more than 40 years of mastery on record, on stage, and on screen, Vicente Fernández is showing us that he’s like fine wine…his voice improves with age. It’s no wonder U.S. critics call this exclusive artist of Sony Music “Mexico’s Sinatra.”

Track listing:

1. Estado Civil (Marital Status)

2. Para Que Me Recuerdes (So You Remember Me)

3. A Puros Besos (Nothing But Kisses)

4. Tengo (I Have)

5. Mala (Bad Woman)

6. Camino Al Cielo (Path To Heaven)

7. Que Dios Te Pague (Let God Judge You)

8. Necesito De Ti (I Need You)

9. Me Tienes Mimado (You’ve Spoiled Me)

10. Tengo Una Amante (I Have Another Woman)

11. Esa Noche Te Olvidé (That Night I Forgot You)

12. Dueño Del Mundo (Owner Of The World)

13. Gracias (Thank You)

2009 Tour:


10 Denver Pepsi Center

11 Tucson Tucson Convention Center

12 El Paso Coliseum


3 San Antonio ATT Center

4 McAllen Dodge Arena

9 Dallas American Airlines Center

11 Houston Toyota Center

16 Atlanta Gwinnett Center

18 Chicago Allstate Arena


6 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

7 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

8 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

13 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

14 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

15 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

20 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

21 Los Angeles Gibson Amphitheater

27 San Jose HP Pavilion

28 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay

2 Responses to “Vincente Fernandez Presents his New Album “Necesito de Ti””

  1. antoniahernandez Says:

    greastest singer. i have loved his music 4 years. when i was young i even got go to his town he was born in.

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