Shakira – “Loba” out now! English version “She Wolf” coming July 13!


International superstar SHAKIRA is set to release the first single, She-Wolf, from her forthcoming album on July 13th, 2009 on CD and digitally

Shakira wrote and produced She-Wolf with John Hill (Santogold) and penned the, as usual, quirky lyrics. She weaves a mischievous tale of a metaphorical she-wolf in the distinctively dance – fusion style that fans have come to expect. An inventively sexy video directed by Jake Nava and featuring the metamorphosis of a woman told through her unique dance techniques, will follow the single in late July.

She-Wolf boasts the infectious and energizing sound that made Shakira a household name, with a slightly more dancey/ electronic beat. The song has an organic disco feel with a chorus, “There’s a she-wolf in the closet, open up and set it free, there’s a she wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breathe.” At the start, an ominous fanfare through a vocoder hooks the listener “there’s a she wolf in disguise, coming out, coming out, coming out.” Then a vibrant string section builds to a final crescendo at the end of the song.

The full album (title to be announced) is due out in October 2009 from Epic, a division of Sony Music. The album features a predominantly English track list with a follow up album of new and unique repertoire in Spanish to come in 2010. Though most tracks on the upcoming album will be in English, Shakira chose to service the Spanish version of the first single, Loba on June 29th, 2009, two weeks before the English single is launched. Loba will be made available globally in recognition of Shakira’s longstanding fan base and unique bi-lingual appeal.

2 Responses to “Shakira – “Loba” out now! English version “She Wolf” coming July 13!”

  1. Lots of Good information in your post, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the near future, Thanks

  2. What was written first, “Loba” or “She-Wolf”?

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